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Monday, October 17, 2005

The third (and final, I hope) incarnation of the Rogue sweater continues apace. I am almost up to the joining of the pocket (again), at which point I may take a picture. And after eleven straight days of rain, the sun finally came out yesterday! Our town didn't have any flooding, and we didn't have any personally, but many towns did, and some roads and people received severe damage.

Over the weekend I attempted to teach DD how to crochet. Well, I showed her a few things, and gave her my "Crochet Made Easy" CD. She seemed to be having a good time with it, but then disappeared up into her room. I don't know if the yarn or crochet hooks will ever be seen again, but I attempted to do my part. I've taught her some knitting a couple of times, and paid for a few knitting lessons at The Elegant Ewe, but it hasn't stuck. She seems interested in beading at times, too (which I have also encouraged). I am comforted knowing that if she ever does decide to knit or crochet something, she'll at least know where to start. I was taught at a very young age, and was able to literally just pick up knitting needles and knit later in life without a second thought.


  • I am so curious to see hoe the rogue turns out. I have been thinking of doing it for my sister for Christmas next hard is it?

    By Blogger Beak-Knits, at 7:58 PM  

  • Rogue is also on my (long) list to knit. You become the expert, then I can beg you for help when I get stuck! ;)

    By Anonymous Beth, at 10:00 PM  

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