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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Continuing my post from yesterday - this is what happened when the power went out! The electrical workers cut power to the downed lines, and re-routed it so that our house would have power while they worked.

After they re-routed power at the pole in front of our house, they cut down the tree that landed on the power lines.

Then they brought in a new pole to repair the broken pole and re-string the lines.

Then they brought in this giant drill, to drill a new hole for the new pole.

Here's another picture of the giant drill. We used something similar to this when we first set up our fence line for the horses (now alpacas) but it was nowhere near this big.

Then they set the new pole in place, and re-strung some of the lines. Right now there are two poles there, and one of the lines looks like it's hanging pretty low, but it's not low enough to touch it, so I guess that's OK. There are also lines going to both poles. Maybe they have to wait for the new pole to set up or something before they finish.


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