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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Saturday was a very busy day; up early to take care of the critters, then out the door by 7:30 after packing up the Reeves wheel and accoutrements: lazy kate, my basket with a couple of spindles in it, and my display items. This time I completely forgot the grease wool. Packed up a card table, some washed wool, roving, a couple of skeins of handspun wool; then a ball of dyed (pinks and purples) cotton roving and a skein of handspun cotton; some blue dyed silk roving and a skein of handspun silk. Set up in Memorial Field in Pembroke. Stopped at Wal-Mart on the way down and bought a tablecloth for the card table; this let me leave the rest of the stash that wasn't on display under the table.

I brought Roxie with me, and she got almost as much attention as the wheel and spinning! She was very good, and spent most of the day lying quietly by my chair while I spun. When people asked to pat her, she waited for an invite or permission from me before she got up. The general public is very impressed with a well-trained dog! We did a couple of 10-second demos for a few people, too.

Got lots of comments, but no bad ones for a change. One lady remarked that her grandmother used to spin all the time, and made her do the hand carding. One lady told me she had a bunch of antique spinning wheel parts in her attic. Had a couple of men who asked for a detailed description of the wheel and how it works, and two kids who wanted to play with the wheel. Note: need to make up some more toy-wheel spindles to have available at these things. Wouldn't be possible at such a large gathering, tho, to teach and give away even toy-wheel spindles to anyone who wanted to play. I try to do that only for those who actually want to learn to spin, not just casual observers.


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