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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Busy times lately, as we deal with all the usual stuff *plus* attempting to get organized in anticipation of the start of school. Ashleigh starts on Sept 3; Noah starts on Sept 10. That means I at least need to get *laundry* caught up by then.

I have officially packed up the old book charkha in anticipation of the arrival of my Bosworth book charkha. I wound all my singles off onto weaving bobbins, and packed up all my "extras" - spindles, spare drive bands, etc. I kept the stuff that will still be useful with the new one.

I did get one package I was expecting in the mail today - two spindles! One, a Tabachek, has an Ebonized Oak whorl, hickory shaft, 1.3 oz. The other, a Mielke Farm's Emily, has a Claro Walnut whorl, cherry shaft, 1.2 oz. Extremely fine workmanship on both, I couldn't be more pleased! Makes them *very* hard to put down! I've already tested both with some Falkland wool I had nearby.

Besides the little bit of charkha spinning I did, and winding off the charkha spindles, and a little bit of spindle spinning, I've mostly been working on Noah's sweater. I have cast off neckline stitches on the front, and have about 12 rows left on both sides, then the front is done and I'll be ready to start the sleeves - by tonight, I'm sure. This may occur *after* my nap - I'd love to take one, I'm tired today, and it's raining besides. We *really* need the rain, and the sound of it on the a/c in the living room is enough to put you to sleep. All the dogs are in b/c of the rain, and every single one of them is sleeping. The kids are the only ones who don't agree with the rainy day nap concept, so it may not happen. Nice idea, though *sigh*


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