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Thursday, August 29, 2002

I finished the front of Noah's sweater and am starting on the sleeves. I've done a little bit of spinning on the new spindles, but that's about it for today. I did call The Woolery, and ordered cardboard weaving bobbins so I'll have enough bobbins to store my charkha-spun singles.

I updated the "Demos and sightings" on my website. I had a call today from one of the teachers at Noah's school, and they invited me to come in and demonstrate spinning and weaving at their Colonial Days in October. I also have had some interest in the same thing from Ashleigh's school, only their Colonial Period study is in January! I love doing demos; I'll be looking forward to both of these.

Friday night is when the local spinning group meets; we also have an invite for an outdoor spin-in (pending weather) on Saturday, September 7, at the Taylor Mill historic site in Derry, NH. Looking forward to that. As things get more and more hectic (culminating in, finally, some peace and quiet when the kids go back to school) I find myself craving some "alone" time - or at least time with adults and without kids! Breathing space or whatever... this may be partly because I don't go to very many dog training classes anymore. I used to attend two to three classes a week. Time, money, and circumstances (partly including lack of time and money to attend shows) dictate that I can't take as many classes as I used to. I think the time I spent for dog classes was part of my "alone" time, and that may be why I sometimes feel so stressed out with/about the kids lately.

Oh, well... school is starting *soon* here!


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