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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I've gotten a good start on the front yoke of Noah's sweater; I would really rather be spinning more cotton on the charkha right now (I'm definitely on a roll with that!) but my left forearm and shoulder are a little tired/sore today, so I need to work on other things. I got two spindles filled yesterday, and so far today half a spindle full. Here are some pictures of the charkha (with spindle in progress) and some of the pink and purple hand-dyed cotton I'm spinning. This will be for handwoven towels (dish/hand towel size) I think...

Looking for something to work on besides Noah's sweater, I pulled out my bobbin lace. This is something I don't do much. I'm still quite the newbie at this (although I started over a year ago), and am almost entirely self-taught. For me it is very slow going and requires lots of concentration. I also tend to kind of hunch over the lace pillow, which contributes to my short work cycles on this project. When I feel like playing with it I usually get only a few pattern repeats done. . Anyway, here's a picture of the bobbin lace pillow and project.

And a close-up of the lace. This will be a lace edging for a handkerchief, and has already kind of been claimed by a friend who saw it, if I ever get it finished.

Well I've done my 3 or 4 pattern repeats for now, and will be getting back to Noah's pullover, I think. Might also do some wool spinning - maybe on spindles. I found one of my Full Circle spindles (from The Bellwether - I *knew* I had more than one!) in an unexpected place last night. These are definitely among my favorite spindles!


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