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Sunday, September 15, 2002

OK, here are the pictures! Most of them look much lighter than they actually are, mostly because I'm not a very good photographer and don't know how to correct it!

Here's Noah's gansey, in progress. This is being made with handspun shetland. Pictures of Claudia Krisniski's version can be seen at Directions can be found in the archives of the Aranknit list on Yahoogroups.

Here's the Dragonfly beaded pin that I worked on obsessively for the last 2 days.

More earrings I made. The colors really washed out on this one. The pair on the top right are actually a bright metallic purple.

And here are the fishies neckace and bracelet!

I didn't end up going to spinning group on Friday, because DH wasn't feeling well again. Didn't go to Flax Day in Milton, NH yesterday, either, for the same reason. We did go to Home Depot, however, where I finally found the right size 150W halogen bulbs for the light in the feed room!! Yeay! I can see when I go feed the horse now!

We also went to CompUSA, where DH got some software and a USB floppy drive. I can now download pictures directly to my computer, instead of having to transfer them via floppy to the desktop computer and mail them to myself! I'm sure there's an easier way, but with the USB floppy, it doesn't matter now.


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