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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

The saga continues...

The school got the shot records... shows that he doesn't have his 2nd MMR. I found out (upon calling the Dr) that this is given after he turns 5 - which happened all of 2 weeks ago! School also wanted a physical - Noah's is scheduled for Dec 3, so they'll have to deal with it. They also said they wanted the info from his last physical (Oct of 2001). I said that would be on the sheet the Dr fills out and mails to them... which I mailed to her on *Monday*!! Get real, people, we only got all of this paperwork last Friday!

More fun... bus got here, finally, half an hour late. They couldn't find our street. One of the many joys of living in the middle of nowhere.

19 yo son, Ben, had his girlfriend stay over last night (in another room, of course). She was supposed to drive him to work for 8 am. This morning she found out her car had been broken into. Of course, she had left her wallet, driver's lic, checkbook, etc *in the car*!!! Police said this was the 4th incident in a week! Her car was parked on the street, not in our driveway, or the dogs would have barked.

So, after the officer took the report, and the bus came for Noah, I drove Ben to work. Now I await Noah's arrival from school. At 3 I have to bring him for a shot, only to come back home & bring 10 yo DD for her riding lesson, and pick up Ben from work (normally I don't drive him, but the convenience store he works for sent him to work in another town today - happens to be same town where DD has lessons).

Housework? No way!

The online gansey sweater continues in its third incarnation. I have finished the welts, and am now working on the body - mindless around-and-around stockinette. Just what I need today.

For a bit of good news, I called the LYS yesterday (Elegant Ewe in Concord, NA but you can consider this blatant promotion because I love the place!) and the new Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook was in, so I ran right out and got it - along with two magazines and three 16" needles in small sizes (3.0mm, 3.25 and 3.5 - maybe now I can get back to that Sweetheart Hat!). I have also, besides reading thru the new Spin-Off which arrived yesterday, been reading thru the print-outs I made of Claudia of Countrywool's A.R.A.N. pattern. I feel another case of startitis coming on... if I can be home long enough to start anything new!


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