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Friday, September 13, 2002

Well, I thought I was going to have enough time today to do some serious updating, with pictures, etc, but it wasn't meant to be.

I've spent most of the week running around taking care of details for Noah's school. That seems to be done... finally... I hope!

Wednesday Noah went to the Dr for a shot; Ashleigh was supposed to have a riding lesson, but it's an outdoor arena, and it was very windy, so we moved it til Thursday. Had some fun with the wind, tho - we lost power for several hours (it came back about half way thru Enterprise - thank goodness it wasn't the season premiere!), and I had to fix one fence panel on Thursday morning that a tree took out - luckily, before the horse realized he had an escape hole! Today, DH was home til just after noontime - he must be feeling some better, tho, because he has gone into work (albeit very late today) every day this week. And the bus schedule for Noah's school is finally getting ironed out. So we're making progress.

I've been working on the third incarnation of the on-line gansey, and making jewelry. The gansey is almost up to the yoke patterning/gusset line (again!) Don't know why I need so many pairs of earrings, along with the bracelets and necklaces; I hardly ever (except for dog shows) wear anything but jeans and T-shirts.

Tomorrow is Flax Day at the NH Farm Museum in Milton, NH; we're definitely planning to go to that. The only reason DH wants to go is the possibility of seeing farm equipment; the man wants a tractor in the worst way! Should be fun nevertheless, and maybe I'll get brave enough to do some more work with all this flax I've got. Tonight is spinning group; I've already announced that I am going, so someone had better be here to watch the kids! I think I'll be taking the Mazurka, with raspberry/pink mohair on it.


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