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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

First and foremost: Yesterday DS GOT HIS LICENSE! Yeayyy!!!! No more driving to Plaistow at midnight to pick him up from work! He has been duly lectured on safety, carrying extra gas money, and the fact that he had better put repair monies aside, as I will never again (or at least not without a very good reason) cart him around! Hooray!!!

In other news, things have been outrageously crazy here since the last snowstorm. First there was the snowstorm, of course, with the missing-in-action plow guy; the furnace problems; the purchase of the snowblower. Actually, if we go back just a little farther, DD was sick on Friday, and on Sunday we thought she was coming down with pinkeye - thank goodness it cleared up!

Yesterday, besides spending hours at DMV waiting for DS to finish his testing and return to us with that ever-important piece of plastic, 5 yo DS tells me his ear hurts; call the Dr, can't get in (apparently there are lots of illnesses going around; this is the first time in our 8 years with this dr that she was unable to fit us in). Called DH to come home, he'll have to take Noah to the ER (we already spent one night with a boy who kept waking up). I had to go from DMV to the vet's, with 3 dogs and one cat. Toby, the old Golden, was put on Rimadyl; seems he has, besides severe hip dysplasia and arthritis in his hind legs, developed arthritis in his spine. Poor boy. Indy has had "gunky" eyes for a couple of weeks. Those two, plus Roxie and one cat (Lokai, the b&w one) were there for yearly checkups/immunizations as well. I go back in two weeks for a checkup for Toby (liver check b/c of the Rimadyl) and yearlies for Q, Ziggy, and the other cat.

DH didn't get back from the ER and pharmacy until 8 (he left at 4). I ordered pizza for dinner - I was too tired to do anything else.


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