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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The sick-child saga continues... I actually got to go to dog class last night (a one-hour drive each way) only to have DH call and ask me to come home because Noah's other ear was hurting terribly, and he wanted mum! Poor boy was so miserable! This poor child has had very few ear infections to start with, only to have both ears hurt one right after the other. He wouldn't talk to DH, or take medicine for him, just wanted mum home! So we left after Indy's Open run-thru. I had time for Roxie's class (currently still Novice), Indy's class (Open), and I had Q along to do some work with until Indy's Open run-thru came up. After that (and Indy did really well, for a change!) we packed up and headed home - only missed Roxie's Novice run-thru, and she really doesn't need it as much as Indy, anyway.

So the boy is home with me again today, but feeling better, thank goodness (tho he says his ear is still plugged up... but at least it doesn't hurt anymore.)


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