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Monday, December 22, 2003

My niece came over yesterday to watch the kids so DH and I could get away by ourselves. We were brave enough to hit the mall for one last hard-to-find gift - that was fun, after we found a parking space, anyway. The gift was found, and the mall was browsed.

No pictures for a few days. I lent the camera to above-mentioned niece until our family get-together on Wednesday. I finally completed all the details and sewing-up on the stockings, though; I washed them last night, and will be delivering them today at lunchtime. I'm free!

I certainly have enough to keep me busy for the next couple of days, though. Besides all the wrapping (I always wait til the last minute...) I'll be working on the hood for the Lo-Tech sweat (only the pockets left after that), and the rest of the Stack N Whack blocks for my sister's quilt. I'd like to try to get the quilt top done for the family party, so she can at least see what the completed quilt will look like. I also have a little more woodturning to finish up - a few pens for some members of DH's family.


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