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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The kids were home today - they had a snow day. DH stayed home, too; I took this opportunity to go to the LYS. I picked up the peg I need to put Scotch tension on my Reeves wheel, and a few other things.

This weekend I spent some time looking for a free-standing distaff online. I found prices between $115 and $120, which I was not willing or able to pay, so I made my own! I bought a small footstool, mounted a second piece of wood underneath it, drilled holes in the top and the second piece, and used a forlorn rake handle that was hanging around the barn for a pole. Here we go! It cost me almost $20, if you count what I spent on drill bits.

I decided today, after ascertaining that the flaxnlinen group that used to exist on Yahoogroups was nowhere to be found, to start it up again. I've put a link to it on the sidebar. My friend Pam and I spent part of this afternoon creating a photo essay on dressing a distaff with flax strick, as described in Patricia Baines' book, Linen: Handspinning and Weaving. I hope someone finds this group helpful!


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