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Friday, March 19, 2004

My Majacraft lace flyer came yesterday! This provides not only a standard orifice (as compared with the "V"-shaped wire delta orifice on the regular flyer) but it comes with wooden bobbins that have a smaller groove for the brake band. Tracy Eichheim of Woolly Designs has an excellent photo on his site comparing the cotton flyer (which can use the regular bobbins) with the lace flyer (which has to have the lace bobbins). Check that out here, if you're interested. BTW, I think the cotton flyer is the same as the regular, just with an orifice instead of the delta.

The item that was not provided with the lace kit was an orifice hook, so of course I ran downstairs to make one:

This one is bocote, just because. I did have to fiddle with the hook a couple of times, though - the orifice and flyer loop on the lace flyer are really tiny!


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