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Thursday, March 18, 2004

We have achieved flax!

We also have Trinity the show-off making sure she got in the picture!

And here's a picture of some flax on my bobbin. It's definitely not as consistent as I'd like, but seeing as this is my first time spinning strick, I guess I'll give it a little more time. You can also see the scotch tension and peg that I added to the Reeves in this picture, and the flax water pot (just a little of it) hanging below the mother-of-all.

Even though I currently have a flax pot for my wheel, I've contacted The King's Pottery to see if they can make others. The only flax pot I found online didn't have any holes around the rim. How are you supposed to hang that from a wheel? The lady at The King's Pottery was very nice; I emailed her specs of the pot I have, and details of what I'm looking for, and she said she'll get back to me this afternoon.


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