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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Boy, I guess it has been a while! Thanks for bugging me, Deborah! (VBG)

Since I had a little time to breathe this morning (and the sun is actually out!!) I took a few pictures of what I've been up to lately.

Here's the lace flyer for the Majacraft wheel:

Notice it has some laceweight spun up on it. That's shetland top. Judith MacKenzie included several 8-gram samples with the fleece I purchased from her; this is the first of them. I also have to say that Woolly Designs has terrific customer service! I ordered some more lace flyer bobbins and a couple of spare parts from them right after I got the lace flyer. Of course, I'll probably never need a new drive band for this wheel now, just because I have one available!

With the extra bobbins, I needed more storage space, of course, so I made a crude, quick-and-dirty tensioned lazy kate for the Majacraft bobbins.

It's not going to win any "fine woodworking" awards, but it functions quite well!

I finished knitting the body of the cars sweater, although I haven't yet done the steeks.

I started the first sleeve, and promptly ran out of the dark blue main color. This is the second sweater like this that I've done from this batch of yarn (Dale Baby Ull); of course, I have a full skein left of each of the primary colors! I've gotten one more skein of the dark blue (different dye lot, of course, but I'm not going to worry about it too much), but that was all my LYS had. I hope it's enough; otherwise I'll be yarn-shop-hopping looking for more.

I've also put some work in on one of my applique blocks. This is from Jenifer Buechel's Ornamental Applique site; it's the Red and Green Folk Art Album, and this is Pattern 1 (or it will be, once it's finished.)

We got a new toy this weekend! It's a DVD recorder! I found out recently that both Spike TV and TVLand are now showing MacGyver re-runs! I really loved the series, but I missed a lot of it because I was either a) living overseas, or b) attending college classes at night. Now I can record all of them to DVD!! Next on the list is one of those tall, skinny free-standing DVD racks (oh, and more DVD-Rs - the 10-pack we picked up with the recorder is not going to last long!)


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