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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Well, here it is the last day of July. Time flies. The kids will be going back to school in just a few weeks; summer weather hasn't been too bad so far, although we're in the middle of a hot and humid stretch now. Hopefully this won't last too long!

I've been working on trying to catch up with my Block of the Month quilt blocks! With all the time I've been spending studying up on alpaca care and management, it seems I've gotten nothing else done. I did finally finish another set of blocks, though.

These are the May blocks, and below are the June blocks.

I'm not crazy about some of the color combinations. In particular, the green June block doesn't have enough contrast for me, but I'm sure they'll all work fine together in the end. I need to start the July blocks now, and the next ones are due to be picked up next Saturday! I'm sure I'll eventually get caught up, and be ready to move on to something else - like the Dale cars sweater, which needs one and a half sleeves, or the gansey I started for Noah... or spinning up some alpaca - I still have 3 fleeces to skirt!!

Speaking of the boys, here they are!

Nox and Hagrid hanging out in the barn on a hot and humid afternoon. Our barn is quite well situated, and stays well ventilated and cool. Click on the picture for another shot of them, taken with a flash.

And this is Shadow, out grazing in the field, which is also quite well shaded. As soon as I took the picture he saw me and started coming toward the barn. They have certainly become much more friendly in the last few weeks, and we are enjoying them immensely!


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