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Monday, July 12, 2004

We're working very hard to teach the alpacas to lead. They weren't handled very much at their previous home, but they are learning to walk along on a halter and lead rope, however slowly. DH takes one 'paca and I take the other two, and we try to go about every other day. Some of our walks have been quite funny, but the hardest part is actually catching and haltering them. Once you get halters on them they're usually quite agreeable to walk!

This weekend we made the 2+ hour drive to Northfield, Vermont to see the Vermont Quilt Festival! This is only the third time we've made this trek in 10 years, but it's always well worth the drive. The quilts exhibited at this show are always spectacular!

I put up a photo album of all the pictures I took of quilts at the VQF on my Picturetrail page.

Out of all the crafts I do, I really think DH likes the quilting best. He can name patterns and discuss fabrics and colors with the best of them! He's always supportive of all my endeavors, however (witness the deck, and the alpacas!) Couldn't ask for a better guy, even after ten years!


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