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Friday, June 18, 2004

Well, it's official! We visited Balfour Farm in Thompson, CT today, and picked out three alpacas! We put down a deposit, but they won't be coming home until after our trip to Florida - probably around July 3rd, which is just in time for DH's and my tenth anniversary! What a wonderful anniversary present, huh? I think I'll keep him...

Here are the new additions to the family:

This is Milagro - born 10/10/02, and the most fabulous black! When he gets here, we'll call him Shadow (DS's choice). Click on the picture for a full-body shot.

This is Smokey, whose name will be Nox (anyone a Stargate fan?). He was born 12/1/01, and is a lovely fawn color - kind of tan. I think he's gorgeous. He was the first one I picked; I fell in love with him immediately. Again, you can click on the picture for a full-body shot.

This is Taylor. Taylor does not have a full-body picture. He is beige, which is even lighter than fawn, and had the most gorgeous fleece! (He was still wearing it.) He was born 6/14/02, and DD was the one to choose his new name - Hagrid. Guess who's a Harry Potter fan?

Only one (Nox) has already been sheared. The breeder is supposed to shear the other two before I pick them up, and I get to keep this year's fleeces! Is that not wonderful?

I also want to say that the information and pictures above are from the breeder's website. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home...


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