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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The serger class yesterday went well. Between that and numerous conversations with a friend who actually knows how to sew her own clothes, I should be ready to tackle some shorts for the kids soon. I still have one skirt I need to hem, though.

Yesterday I worked on my sister's Stack N Whack quilt. This one has been entirely stitched by machine so far, as part of a class I took last year at the Silver Thimble. The top is now done, it just needs borders and finishing. I put one border on yesterday, and the other one is cut and ready to sew. When that's done I'll be bringing it to a local machine-quilting establishment. I have so much right now that I want to get done, and for whatever reason, I just don't want to baste or machine quilt this quilt. If I don't bring it to the shop, my sister will never see this quilt finished.

I haven't posted much critter information lately, so I've come up with some stuff to share.

DD takes riding lessons just about every Monday. Her instructor actually arranged the use of an indoor arena all winter so that lessons could continue, but we've recently moved back outside. Here's a picture from this past Monday:

Click on the picture for a different view

I couldn't sneak a picture of her that had a good picture of the horse in it, and if she'd seen me, I might not have gotten any decent pictures at all, so this is as good as it gets. Sorry. The horse she rides is lovely, too.

Today I spent most of the day grooming Ziggy - brushing out his coat, removing matts, trimming his feet, and shaving his face and ears. Isn't he gorgeous?

Click on the picture for a front view

Last year I gave up on his puppy coat, and cut it short for the summer. I *love* the long coat on powderpuffs, though, and really want to maintain his coat. It would probably look a little better if I brushed him more often; and when he goes for walks, that little tail curls right up over his back, so cute!

For those who don't know, Ziggy is a Chinese Crested, of the Powderpuff variety. They also come in a Hairless variety, which people tend to be more familiar with. Check out this web page for more examples. Ziggy is about 10 lbs and about 12 inches tall, but don't tell him that - he's convinced he's one of the Aussies! (We once met another Powderpuff Chinese Crested, and Ziggy - the fearless dog that will run up to any lab, golden, herding dog, etc as if it's his best buddy - was terrified.)


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