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Friday, June 25, 2004

I am now on vacation at Deborah's house in Florida. So far the kids and I are having a wonderful time! Today was a beach day, so we have lots of pictures (and a few words).

First off, the beaches are not much like the ones we have back in NH, except that they have sand and salty water. The water was terrific! It was about the temperature of lake water in summer back home. The sand is not like our sand; it's made up of little translucent crystals, and looks almost like salt. It also has tons of little shells and broken shells in it:

It's also not nearly as crowded as the beaches back home! Here are some views -

Heading down to where we set up on the beach:

Views to the left and right of our spot on the beach:

Contrast this with Hampton Beach near us, where you're lucky if you can find enough room to set down a towel!

The kids had a great time. Here's DD, snorkeling for shells:

Deborah's two kids and DS had a wonderful time, both in the water and building sand castles:

On the way back from the beach, we stopped to take pictures of the UFO house. This is a house that actually looks like a UFO! As a fan of Stargate, Star Trek, X-Files, etc, I found this most interesting:

The window decorations are also interesting:

Who knew the Asgard had rented a Florida beach house?


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