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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I'm back! We got home yesterday afternoon. I have to say that Deborah was a wonderful hostess. My kids had a great time with her two children as well, and I had an awesome vacation. I came home ashamed of my (lack of) housekeeping standards after seeing their lovely and well-run home; so much so that I spent 2 hours this morning cleaning my kitchen. I can't thank Deborah (and Kurt and Gregory and the lovely Gabrielle) enough for their hospitality. I will miss Lillie as well, and the fountains in the backyard (check out Deborah's blog post dated June 17 to see their lovely home and the people we got to spend our vacation with!)

I brought a few souvenirs back with me, including some new thimbles for my collection:

I also created a new Picturetrail album this morning, with a bunch of pictures we took during our visit to the "Gulfarium" - an aquarium in Ft Walton, FL with an assortment of live-animal shows. It was a terrific trip, especially for DD, who's crazy about dolphins.

I came home to some new additions - DH was working very hard all week to enlarge the deck! It will eventually connect up to the dog yard, so I can just let them out the back door into their yard instead of having to walk them out on leashes.

Here's a picture taken while on the deck; you can see where the old one ends and the new one starts. The steps lead down to the gate into the dog yard.

This picture is a full view of the deck. We still need to connect the right-hand side to the dog yard fence, and put a gate up on the old steps on the left-hand side. Then the dogs can go in and out the sliding doors. Didn't DH do a fantastic job?

Today or tomorrow we'll be going shopping for some patio furniture, now that the deck is large enough for some; this will definitely include a table with an umbrella.

The other surprise was that the fence guys showed up! We got an estimate and paid a deposit around the beginning of May, and were just waiting our turn for installation. After we cut down a bunch of trees in the front yard (which will eventually double the size of the front lawn), the dogs could see everything going by on the road. We had a section of stockade fencing put up on the side of the dog yard that faces the road. Now it looks like this:


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