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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Merry Christmas, all, and a Happy New Year!!

I am now approaching 4 weeks of being a non-smoker! So far it's working out well. One of the gifts DH got me for Christmas is a 3-month membership to the only gym in the area that has a pool! The only thing is, my membership doesn't begin until January 1; I'll be there on Saturday, though!

Other than dealing with everyone being home, I've still been cross-stitching. My current project has been the Bag Ladies kit that my kids got me for Christmas last year. This is what it will eventually look like:

And this is my current progress on it:

Also, in my usual ADD fashion, I will be starting another picture soon. Actually, this is so common amongst cross stitchers that they actually have a name for it - it's called having a rotation. My rotation currently has five or six projects, including the ones I've posted about recently, and this one, that I'll be starting tonight:

The picture is titled Millenium. The original artwork is by Graeme Stevenson, and the charted version is by Mystic Stitch.


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