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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I don't have any new pictures right now, but I do have a new laptop. Last week my old one finally gave up the ghost - for the last time. Over the last year, I had replaced the hard drive and the power cord & plug. This time it was the power connection that went - the connection that not only supplies power to the computer, but charges the battery. The last time I plugged it in, smoke came out of the back - not a good sign. I've been using the desktop system, and quite uncomfortably, for the last week. Now I'll be spending the next week or so transferring files, and finding the CDs with all of my software on them to add to this computer. But at least it runs, it charges, it sits in my lap for typing, and it's again portable! I love my wonderful DH for helping me select and purchase this lovely laptop! I have a few other things to figure out about it (like how I'm going to connect to the non-networked laser printer, as this computer has no parallel port) but for the most part we're up and running, and online!


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