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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My friend Pam came over today and we did alpaca shots. She's wonderfully fast at this; she's an ER nurse by trade, and does a great job helping me with the alpacas. She's also a great cook (I hate cooking) and a marvelous seamstress. While she was over here, she took a look at the two dresses I have in progress for DD and showed me how to do the next step with the sleeves. She also brought me a late birthday gift - some chocolate frosted walnut brownies! I don't think there's anything Pam makes that's less than perfect!

As I was entering today's information into my alpaca database (I use AlpacaEase) I noticed that the girls are due much sooner than I thought! I didn't think the babies were due until August, but according to the alpaca program (which calculates all this stuff for you) Castanet is due around July 7, and Got Milk is due around July 21. These are only estimates, but that means the first baby is due in less than two months! Wow! I can't wait!

Now I just need to get this year's fleeces weighed out and figure out what I'm selling, what I'm having processed into roving, and what I'm going to have blended with wool and processed into roving...


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