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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We've had some wonderful weather lately! I do love spring! I had a load of mulch delivered last week (how exciting!) and managed to get most of the work in my shrubbery beds done. I still have to finish filling in the mulch in the 3rd bed - I've already pulled up the extraneous vegetation, put down that weed-blocker paper that looks like the interfacing you buy for sewing clothing, and put enough mulch in there to hold the paper down. And the other 2 beds are finished. Just need to finish that third one, and then I can go around and distribute (ie use up) the rest of the mulch.

Well, it isn't going to happen today, first and foremost because it's raining and is supposed to continue raining, at least all day today if not tomorrow too. It's the flip side of the wonderful weather we've been having. Also, I have to get to two different banks today to take care of some business, get some hay in the barn moved around (that is, get it out of the aisle and upstairs because we're going to need the aisle), and get the alpacas locked in to prepare for shearing tomorrow because it's raining today and we don't want them wet for shearing. That's going to be lots of fun. The boys are no trouble; they'll do just about anything as long as grain is involved. The two babies aren't much trouble either, although they take a little more effort to get inside. However Castanet and Got Milk, the two pregnant ladies, are another story entirely. They seem to know exactly what you want, and have no intention of making it the least bit easy on you.

Tomorrow I have to go re-register my van in the morning, and the shearer is coming in the afternoon. Friday I have an early appointment to go get the van inspected, and it's at a dealership, which means for some reason it takes three times longer than at a small garage. The only reason I'm going to the dealership is because it's free, as that's where I bought the vehicle. I may time them this time, though. I have an appointment for 9:30 am, and I plan to be there on time. Last time (in January, when I bought the van) I remember waiting an inordinately long time. We'll see what happens this time. Just because it's free doesn't mean a 20 or 30 minute inspection should take an hour and a half.

And there's a quilt show I want to get to on Friday, as well as an applique group meeting in the evening. Saturday DH and I are hoping to get to a movie, because my birthday is Friday. Oh, and it's vacation week, so all of this is with the kids around. :D

I'm still not smoking, though! It has now been 4 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days.


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