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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Well, I've been having a wonderful time taking advantage of the "it's my birthday" excuse this weekend. On Friday night I went to the monthly meeting of the Massachusetts chapter of The Applique Society. The meeting was in Chelmsford. The group has only recently managed to secure a regular monthly meeting place, rather than relying on (more-or-less) local quilt shops for space. I found the meeting place quickly and easily, and it was not too bad a drive from my house, so I'm going to try to make more of these meetings.

Saturday DH, the kids and I hit not one, but two quilt shows, one in Concord and one in Plaistow; we had a great time and took lots of pictures (actually, I took a few, then turned 7 yo DS loose with the camera. His pictures are a little fuzzy, but surprisingly good!) After the second quilt show we went out for a late lunch/early dinner, then home for some quiet time.

I've also been working on sewing up a couple of new dresses for 13 yo DD. I consider most of what is commercially available to be inappropriate for one reason or another, so I'm making her a couple of simple dresses. Sewing clothing is definitely not my forte, but they're coming out nicely. I just have to attach the sleeves now, and hem the dresses. I do wish my serger were a little more cooperative, though. Perhaps, as we used to say when I worked computer Helpdesk, the problem is between the machine and the chair...

I just finished basting this piece:

In person the colors are a little deeper, although just as intense. This is the beginning of my first Hawaiian-type applique. It starts as a papercut-type pattern (think cutting out snowflakes) and then is basted in place, and appliqued with a needleturn technique. In case you can't tell, these are seahorses. Unlike most of my applique, there are no lines to follow, so it's a little scary. I'm following instructions from Nancy Chong's Hawaiian Quilting video, and eventually hope to make this quilt for dolphin-crazy DD. The seahorses piece is on a piece of fabric 18" square, and took me two days to prep and baste. The dolphins quilt would be about 90" square (finished size). I have no idea how long that will take just to prepare and baste, never mind applique (and then quilt after that!). It's probably at least several years down the road anyway, the way I switch gears on a regular basis...

I'll try to get some pictures of my mulched shrubbery sometime this week. I know tomorrow (and possibly Tuesday) are going to be busy, as well as Thursday and likely Friday. Maybe I can finish the mulch and take pictures on Wednesday...


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