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Friday, May 13, 2005

Last night was cold around here! I haven't seen what the lows were, but last night they were talking about record cold, possibility of frost, things like that. I closed the front and back doors of the barn so the alpacas would have a windbreak if they went indoors.

The weekend is supposed to be cold, rainy, etc. Lovely weather (not!). This weekend is the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival, and I'm sure poor weather would affect attendance. Oh, well... all we can do is wait and see. I'll be there, in any case!

I plan to be there a lot, in fact. I'm one of the new New Hampshire state representatives for the Northeast Handspinners Association. I'm supposed to be there for as much of the festival as I can manage, handing out brochures and informing people of the existence of the organization, and the benefits to spinners of attending the bi-annual event called The Gathering. Oh, and I get to spin while I do this, too! I haven't decided what I'll be spinning yet, but yesterday I started in on some quiviut. I had originally picked this up with the intention of spinning it as-thin-as-I-possibly-can, but I certainly won't have the attention span for that while at NH S&W, so I decided to go for my general lace-weight size. Maybe I'll end up taking this quiviut with me to spin. I also have some lovely cashmere/silk blend somewhere. One of these days I'll have to attempt something thicker than laceweight, just for fun! :D


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