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Monday, November 07, 2005

On Sunday we took the kids to Manchester for something called a "How To Expo". It was held in a hotel conference center. We saw presentations and booths set up by schools, dance studios, a go-cart place, some crafts (sewing, smocking, quilting, scrapbooking) as well as stuff that didn't seem to fit the "How To" theme that was advertised, like mortgage companies and car dealerships.

Here are the kids before we went into the expo center:

This event was, I believe, sponsored by Manchester, NH's local WMUR-TV, Channel 9. One of the first exhibits we saw when we entered was a re-creation of a newsdesk. They had set up a closed-circuit camera and TV, along with a teleprompter, to allow the kids to see what goes on! It was so cool! The kids had an awesome time reading the teleprompter and being "newscasters". They did great!

I also bought a book at the Channel 9 booth from Fritz Wetherbee. He's a storyteller on NH Chronicle, which is a local entertainment program (also produced by WMUR, surprise!). He has a very engaging manner, and a unique voice, and I love his stories when I can catch the show.

The kids really enjoyed the expo. Many of the exhibitors had baskets of small candies, and were very welcoming. DH got to look at tractors, I found some very interesting smocking going on, and the kids also enjoyed making nametags with some very fancy paper-punches at a Creative Memories booth. Those ladies were wonderfully friendly!

All in all, even though I got no knitting or spinning done, it was a wonderful weekend!

By the way, thanks to everyone for the wonderful kitty name suggestions! This one, though, is male - and he still doesn't have a name. Any more ideas?


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