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Monday, August 26, 2002

We had part of DS's birthday celebration yesterday. He chose to go to a games playplace - "Chuck E Cheese" without the animated critters, and far less crowded. Everyone played lots of games, went on rides, ate pizza. I got a couple of rows of knitting done on DS's pullover, but not much.

Actually did quite a bit of spinning yesterday, tho. I set up my charkha and did one and a half bobbins of cotton - one bobbin of white that was already in progress, and the first bobbin of some pink-and-purple hand-dyed cotton from BJ Heeke in Texas. The pink-and-purple has been sitting around for a while. I like to spin the cotton on the charkha, then wind it with a bobbin winder onto weaving bobbins for storage. I think it will eventually be used as singles in handwoven towels. I've never woven with singles, so I'm not sure. I wish I had an easier way to do weaving samples.

Also did some spinning on the Reeves, after I unloaded it from the van. It stayed in the van overnight because it was pouring rain on Saturday when I got home from my demo, and rained all night. Did another 3/4 of a bobbin of the gray Falkland wool I was spinning on Saturday.

I was also looking at several fleeces I have in the cellar. They all need to be washed (except one black one that has been washed but not processed) but they would look great in a couple of patterns I have plans for. One pattern is the Beehive sweater in Candace Strick's "Sweaters from a New England Village"; the other is the Dale pattern "Kongle." Both use a variety of grays, oatmeal, white. With the fleeces downstairs, I should have (or be able to blend for) all the colors I need for both sweaters.

Today will be some knitting, probably some spinning, and maybe I'll uncover my bobbin lace pillow and do a few sets on the lace edging that's on there. I'm close to finishing reading my current book, too (a Star Wars book) and have pulled out Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's "Good Wives" to finish reading - subtitled "Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England 1650-1750". Have already read a couple of chapters, and I have two other books she wrote - they are supposedly very accurate from an historical point of view, and quite well written - she makes them very interesting.

Still need to get up to LYS to retrieve my pattern, too!


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