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Monday, September 16, 2002

Blue day today. I'm ignoring the gansey for today, too - I wanted something I don't have to look at, so I can catch up on some reading. So I took out my purse sock - then I ripped it out, rewound that ball (and 5 other balls of sock yarn) and started a new pair in Lorna's Laces Liberty sock yarn. Doesn't count as a new WIP if I ripped out an old WIP first, does it? Here they are:

I also took pictures of my Wall O' Spindles. These do not include support, CD, turkish, ancient whorl, some handmade, or spindles currently in use.

Right side:

Left side:

Oh, some things finally went right. First of all, the school bus seems to be settling into a schedule. Second, a couple of weekends ago, our spinning group had a spin-in at the Taylor Mill Historic Site in Derry, NH. The lady who arranged the spin-in had a reporter from a local paper coming. Well, today they finally published the story. It is in the Union Leader, here. The story in the paper has pictures, but they didn't make it online. Don't know how long they keep the stories up, either.


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