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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Monday was pretty busy, so fiber pursuits were a little slow. I worked on my charkha a little bit, continuing with the pink-and-purple hand-dyed cotton. What I'm getting are *long* stripes of each color. It will be very interesting to weave with this. I may end up getting more weaving bobbins very soon. I wind off the charkha spindles onto weaving bobbins to store this stuff; and I know I have a *lot* of cotton to spin up - I'm sure I'm going to need lots of weaving bobbins to hold it. My other option would be to actually warp up the loom and use the cotton as I go - there's a thought!

Worked some on DS's sweater - my now-5-year-old! I'm almost done with the back (working on the cabled yoke). The front of the sweater is done up to where the yoke starts, then just need to do the sleeves. Haven't worked on my Eros shawl at all, or the cashmere scarf; and I still have some finish work to do: The Falkenberg cardigan, the Dale sweater; the black and silver vest that needs a zipper hasn't been hunted down yet; and I bought some toggle buttons to turn my Lopi pullover into a cardigan, but haven't done anything more than that. Need to dig out the rest of that Lopi so that I can crochet a buttonband (and toggle loops) after I steek (eek!) open the front. I plan on that Lopi being my regular winter coat this year.

I'm hoping to do a little more cotton today, and probably some spindle spinning; I definitely plan to finish the back of DS's sweater, and start on the front (but then again, I only have 4 to 8 rows left before finishing the back!) This will be in between a school appointment, a trip to pick up grain, etc.
Time for more coffee before I get started!


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