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Thursday, October 10, 2002

It's been a quiet week so far, and I've actually gotten some work done on some projects. On the Textures sweater, I've got the back done, and am within a dozen rows of doing the front neckline. Only the sleeves left to do after that. We won't talk about all the other projects in progress.

I did start another new project (bad, bad, bad!). I finally found my copy of Folk Shawls, and my Alpafina yarn, and started the Irish Diamond shawl. I've been wanting to make this since the book came out, and found it quite irresistible after seeing Wendy's version. (And if you haven't checked out Wendy's blog, you should. Quite the talent - and inspiration!) I've done two repeats on the shawl so far, and love it in this yarn - 50% Alpaca, 50% wool, a Webs special from a few years ago.

Something else I've been neglecting lately (besides lots of fiber projects) is dog training. I haven't done much at all, and I'm sure my dogs are enjoying the vacation. There hasn't been enough money to actually enter any shows, so it kind of feels like why bother. But we've been doing little training bits - in the kitchen at mealtime, stuff like that. This week I taught almost everyone to roll over - they think that's fun. Q has been learning some competition moves, and Roxie (second picture down in the sidebar) has been very slowly learning to retrieve. I need to work on other things, tho, and probably in a more scheduled fashion. That way, if we ever have enough money to enter shows again, I might actually have someone ready to show! Since I'm currently unable to continue with pricey private obedience lessons, I finally ordered the Connie Cleveland competition obedience videos; they came in the mail last week, altho I haven't had time to watch them yet. I also got my always anxiously-awaited copy of Front and Finish this week. Always motivational! And Roxie got a mention in the New England news column, because of our wins in Maine in August!


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