Fiber Arts & Furry Critters

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Went to the Topsfield Fair on Friday with my friend Pam, and came home with a new critter:

He doesn't have a name yet, but he's a 5 month old Peruvian guinea pig. His hair is quite long but, alas, I don't think it's desirable as spinning material. DH was a little upset about the new family member (and his sudden and unexpected appearance - I couldn't resist, he is *sooo* cute!), especially after 10 yo DD helpfully pointed out that we now have 13 animals. He's over it now, tho - I think!

Yesterday I passed on demonstrating spinning at Hampstead's Harvest Festival because of rain. I am always very reluctant to take my wooden spinning wheels out in wet weather. Instead, DH, kids and I made the rounds of the NH Wool Arts Tour. Was lots of fun. I only bought a few things for a change, mostly related to weaving. No new fiber, unless a cone of 10/2 white cotton counts. I did pass on lots of things I would have liked, including much fiber (definitely don't need more fiber!) and a Leclerc Voyageur 15-1/2" 8-harness table loom. One reason it's still there is that I have my heart set on (eventually) getting a 12-harness table loom. I've had my eye on a Dorothy 24" (I think) 12-harness for some time now. Yes, despite the turtle speed at which I warp, I have a serious case of harness envy!

The 10/2 cotton is the warp for the towels I'm now putting on the loom. Yes, today has been relegated to warping the loom - finally! I've been at it much of the day it seems, and am only about 1/4 done. sigh. I really would get a lot more weaving done if this loom would warp itself.


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