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Monday, September 30, 2002

Sorry not to post for so long... things have been very busy around here!

First of all, I finally finished the Dale reindeer sweater! Good thing, too, because I needed it while doing my demos at the Deerfield Fair! Here it is, all done finally:

I also started taking a rug braiding class with my friend Pam. That started the night before the fair, when I really should have been home getting my demonstration stuff together. The class will be a total of six weeks long, once a week. Unfortunately it interferes with Star Trek Enterprise, but I'll make sure to tape it so I can watch it when I get home. This is the center of my braided rug, so far:

This is the wheel I used at the fair. It's a Reeves 25" saxony:

Here's a picture of me doing the demo at the fair. I was in the Farm Museum, which houses things like an icebox, Hoosier cabinet, wood-fired cookstove, etc. I was in the parlor.

I did manage to get quite a bit done during my four days. I worked on my spinning, and a little on the bobbin lace, for about 9 hours a day, and finished 7 skeins of Falkland Island wool (from DHF Farms), with two full bobbins of dark gray Romney ready to ply.

This picture makes them look much darker than they are; they are actually a medium gray/brown. I also taught two people to spin on spindles, handed out lots of cards (inviting people to call me for more information on spinning and/or bobbin lacemaking), watched some of the horseshow, and actually bought myself something! It's a candle holder made from horseshoes welded together:

I enjoyed myself immensely, but I'm glad to be at home this morning!


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