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Monday, January 05, 2004

Winter has finally returned - it had to happen eventually. We have 2" of snow on the ground, which is far better than the half-inch of ice that was predicted, and the kids have a two-hour delay for their first day back at school.

I hate winter. The only reasons I live here, where we get lots of winter, are 1) I was born here, and 2) despite winter, there's far less scary stuff here than in other parts of the country. By scary stuff, I mean earthquakes, tornadoes... big cities with lots and lots of people...

No camera yet, although the niece has promised to return it on Tuesday. Maybe by the time she brings it back I will have actually completed the Lo-Tech Sweat. I finished knitting all the parts to it on Saturday. I still need to attach the hood and pockets to the rest of the sweater, run in ends, add the buttons, and wash/block. Now that the knitting is finished, though, I'm working on DH's dubbelmossa. I don't have a picture of my current progress, but there is a picture of the one I'm knitting on Meg Swansen's Schoolhouse Press site.


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