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Thursday, May 06, 2004

It's Thursday; the kids are back in school (and have been since Monday) and I've been getting a lot done. With applique, though, even if you are getting a lot done, there doesn't always seem to be much progress to show.

Today I'm sitting at my Kromski Mazurka wheel, spinning some shetland top and getting prepared for this weekend's New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Even if I am currently embroiled in quilting, how could I not be spinning with this coming up? DH has actually mentioned letting me go by myself all day Saturday! Then he and the kids can go with me on Sunday! What a Mother's Day present, huh? I would love to have hours and hours to look, gawk, stop and chat with friends, etc without DH getting tired or impatient.

I picked up a couple of my spinning videos this morning, and had work to do before I could watch them. I never re-connected the VCR when we added the DVD recorder a few weeks ago! That took about half an hour, figuring out which connections were needed, and exactly where to connect them. Done now, though! One of the vidoes, "Spinning Exotic Fibers and Novelty Yarns," with Judith MacKenzie, has yet to be unwrapped. It's about time I watched that one, I think!


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