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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

No new pictures right now (it's late, and very dark) but so far I've done three skirts from the pattern on this page, and I love them! I made them full enough to move in (or sit cross-legged on the couch), and very long! Mine are ankle-length. I should have learned to sew years ago! Next up will be a couple of skirts for 12 yo DD - probably a little shorter than mine, calf or mid-calf length; maybe capris for DD, some simple drawstring or elastic-waist shorts for both kids. Joanne Fabrics is having a 99-cent pattern sale Thursday thru Saturday; I'll be there tomorrow stocking up!

I've finished the Regia rainbow-striped socks, too, and this evening ripped back the too-long Opal Bumblebee sock to fix that. One heel and one foot shouldn't take too long.

For wonderful news, the kids and I will be going on vacation! We were all going to drive to Florida, with DH, to visit Deborah (hey, she needs help learning to warp a loom; that's a good reason to go, isn't it?). That didn't work because 21 yo DS couldn't come and stay at our house to take care of the dogs and other critters. When you have six dogs, that's a major consideration. Also, mine are very much velcro dogs, and most definitely would not do well in a boarding kennel situation. DH reminded me of all the bonus points I have accumulated (over many years) on my credit card; turns out I have enough for three round trip plane tickets to Florida! So the kids and I will be visiting Deborah and her family after all! (HI, DEBORAH!) The kids have never flown before, and are extremely excited. DH will stay home and take care of the critters, although we will miss him terribly. He's not willing to fly, anyway. At 6'6", there are some places he just can't get comfortable...


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