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Thursday, May 13, 2004

For the third time in less than a week, my internet connection was down yesterday. Unlike the other two times, which were a 4-5 hour outage, this time it was out for more than 12 hours! Despite my protestations that the problem is NOT in this house, the cable company is supposed to come out and check things this morning. I am so ripped over this. They don't even have the gumption (or knowledge, perhaps) to tell me that the network is down when I call. Idiots!

I've been spinning up what is probably one of the oldest batches of fiber in my house. It's wool/mohair, in various shades of fuschia/raspberry, that I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool the one time I made it there - four or five years ago. I'm trying to spin this so that I can two- or three-ply it to at least a sport weight. I'll tell you, even that seems fat after spinning laceweight!

Since I now have the Majacraft for laceweight and superfine spinning, I changed a few things on the Mazurka to make it more all-purpose. I changed the scotch tension string and spring, and replaced the drive band while I was at it. The drive band is now seine cord, aka plumb line, as recommended by David Paul of The Merlin Tree. The scotch tension can now achieve a good amount of take-up for the heavier stuff I'm spinning. Three bobbins' full so far. It's amazing to me how fast I can fill a bobbin when I'm not spinning laceweight!


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