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Monday, May 10, 2004

Yes, I still do know how to post! Furthermore, I still know how to spin! Here's my latest skein - 375 yds of laceweight shetland. The skein weighs 1.4 oz, which averages out to a yarn of about 4300 ypp (yards per pound). Getting thinner, but not thin enough yet!

Click on the picture for a close-up. The white is the size 10 crochet cotton I used to tie the skein.

This weekend was the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival! I managed to go both days! On Saturday I went with DH and the kids. As usual, I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted, although we were there for several hours. On Sunday I went back with my friend Pam, and we were there from shortly after 9:30 am until about 1:30 pm. That time I did get to see everything!

On Saturday I got a little basket for my wheels:

I also got, thanks to my wonderful DH, a fantastic deal on a Meck mini-picker!!

On Sunday my main intention was to get an apron from David Paul of The Merlin Tree. Said apron is modeled here by 6 yo DS:

I also split a 2-lb CVM fleece with Pam. This fleece has at least three shades of gray in it, and has unbelievable crimp! The fleece is from Long Ridge Farm, one of the few (if not the only) CVM breeders this far east. It will be spun laceweight, of course...

After such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, I got to take DS to the doctor's this morning, where he was diagnosed with strep throat. Therefore, I'll be enjoying his company for at least one more day before he returns to school.


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