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Monday, May 17, 2004

No pictures yet; I'm on bobbin #5 of the wool/mohair, and the bag of fiber doesn't seem to be getting much smaller!

For Deborah, I measured the wraps-per-inch (wpi) of my latest laceweight. I don't usually do wpi, because it's so much more subjective than length-and-weight measures. The number of wpi can vary quite a bit, depending on who does the wrapping. Well, I wrapped quite firmly, pushing the wraps together, but not enough for them to push other wraps up out of the way. I came up with 51 wpi for this particular yarn.

I'm pushing hard to get this wool/mohair finished. I have to say, it's a lot of fun to spin at a weight that can fill a bobbin in a day! Next up, I have got to get to work on some laceweight shetland, to be made from the Judith MacKenzie fleece (for the 2004 NASSA Forum). I need to mail that by the end of June or so. And I also need to wash/comb some more of the 14-micron merino I'll be using for the Longest Thread competition.


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